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Products & Services


Speciality Papers
* Food Grade Paper
* Food Grade Paper Boards
* PE Coated Paper Boards
* Thermal Papers.
* Electrical Grade Paper
* Security Paper
Cultural Papers
* Writing and Printing Papers
* High Bright Printing Papers
* Stationery Papers
* Graphic Coated Papers
Industrial Papers 
* Brown Kraft Paper
* Packaging boards
* Extensible and Plain Sack Kraft Paper.
NewsprintGlazed and Non Glazed
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Indenters for Pulp – Hardwood and Softwood.

Paper Products

Exercise Notebooks (for export only)

Chemicals for the Paper Industry

All Sizing Solutions, Sizing chemicals for wet end as well as formulations for coating paper through size press.

Carbon Black for Tyre Industry

Import and export of carbon black in granular form only. Main grades are N220, N330, N550, N660 and so on. Strict adherence to quality

Filter Bags

We are the sole representatives to Yingkou Chuangshiji Filter Materials Co. Ltd., which joins with America, to serve the needs of industries requiring air pollution control systems.
  • Can filter normal atmospheric temperature or high-temperature gas including corroding gas mixed with acid and alkali, water, oil.
  • Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, smelting, generating electricity, pottery, machinery, mine, petroleum, food, grain processing.
  • Ideal medium to separate liquid from solid and ideal material to purify and filter gas.

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