Pure Trade Links Pvt. Ltd.


Company Profile


Started in the year 1940 by Late Mr. Manohar Lal Kataria, as a trading firm by the name of IMPERIAL TRADING CO., dealing in various commodities like paper, chemicals, acids, jewellery, diamonds etc., it progressed into a recognized trading firm in north India. In the year 1995, the firm was incorporated as a private limited company by the present Managing Director, Mr. Deepak Kataria, son of the founder.

The parent company, Imperial Trading Co. was the direct distributor to Ballarpur Industries Limited, the largest paper manufacturer in India. The present company i.e. Pure Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. is also the direct distributor to a number of other paper mills. With the opening up of the Indian economy and the globalization the company has huge interests in import and export business. Main business links exist in Europe, Asia, South East Asia and China. 

About Us

The main objective of Pure Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. is to promote, endorse, establish, execute and run industries, projects or enterprises for selling and/or export of speciality grades of paper, Pulp, Paper Products, Chemicals for the Paper Industry, Carbon Black for Tyre Industry and Filter Bags of Fiberglass Woven Fabric for recovery process and air pollution control systems.

Vision: The company has set its vision statement as “Promotion of innovative technologies and applications in the paper and pulp sector”

Quality assurance: The quality management activities are in charge of inspection of finished products, semi-finished products and other raw materials bought by the company. It also organizes board inspection and analysis for the related products also. We make sure that the end user receives the best possible benefits from the entire range of products

Sustainable development: The company attaches great importance to environment protection. We understand the vitality of environment sustainability in today’s industrial scenario. To make sure that our products aid in keeping the environment green instead of turning it into ash, we deal with only certified and accredited producer's products.